Monday, 21 August 2017

MRE reviews

Here is a list of ratios used during the trip. I'll use this myself as a reference what is inside each ratio bag. In general all ratios were eatable, below is a scale for taste esimation by my taste. Bad ones are tastes that I don't like, but the food was ok. Thuna ratio was cold and couple of chicken ratios were pretty tasteless(even with tabasco/hot sauce). If there is no taste to boost up, hot sauce does not help.

Ratings to my taste :
😋 Delicious
😊 Good
😐 ok
😥 Bad


Menu 1 : 😊

crackers, cheese spread, pretzels, cornbread tiff, coffee


Menu 2 : 😋

"double ratio" shredded beef + black beans
tortillas, cheese spread, cranberries, coffee


Menu 3 : 😐

crackers, peanut butter, diced pears, grape jelly, candy, coffee


Menu 4 :😊

mult9grain bread, peanut butter, apple jelly, chocolate pastry, raisins, cocoa


Menu 5 : 😐

tortillas, cheese spread, energy bar, candy,coffee


Menu 6 : 😊

tortillas, cheese spread, nut raisin mix, applejam, coffee


Menu 7 : 😋

"double ratio" seasoned beef + gratin potatoes
white bread, peanut butter, cookie tiff, peppermint candy, strawberry jam, irish cream cappuccino


Menu 8 : 😋

"double ratio", meatballs + marinara sauce
white bread, cheese spread, cookie tiff, coffee kippered beef snack


Menu 9 : 😊

white bread, peanut butter, blackberry jam, fudge brownie, pretzels, coffee


Menu 10 : 😊

crackers, cheese spread, turkey nuggets, candy, pound cake, coffee


Menu 11 : 😊

crackers, peanut butter, mango peach applejam, peanuts, energy bar, vanilla cappuccino


Menu 12 : 😊

white bread, cheese spread, nut raisin mix, chocolate protein drink, coffee


Menu 13 : 😊

 crackers,peanut butter, nut raisin mix, vanilla pudding, coffee

Menu 14 : 😐

 crackers,peanut butter, energy bar, pretzels, chocolate protein drink

Menu 15 : 😊

 crackers, cheese spread, candy, pretzels, pears in syrup, cocoa

Menu 16 : 😊

 double white bread, peanut butter,

Menu 17 : 😊

crackers, peanut butter, smoked almonds, table syrup, mable muffin top tiff, coffee

 Chemical heater under test here and yes, it works.

 crackers with peanut butter and the pork sausage patty

mable muffin and some sivilian bred with table syrup



 Menu 18 : 😊

 white bread, cheese spread, muffin tiff, coffee, beef snack strip

Menu 19 : 😊

 double white bread, chees spread,  cherry jam, smoked almonds, cookie tiff, coffee

Menu 20 : 😊

crackers, cheese spread, raisin mix, granola, coffee


Menu 21 : 😥

Cold ratio, no heater
tortillas, peanut butter, seed pound cake, corn kernels


Menu 22 : 😋

"double ratio" , beef strips + rice
White bread, peanut butter, toffee rolls, apple jelly, cocoa


Menu 23 : 😐

White bread, cheese spread, Pretzels(salt sticks), Cinnamon bun, coffee


Menu 24 : 😋

 Update 14.5.2018, Beef stew with black beans and vegetables
tortillas, cheese spread, beef snack strip, seed pound cake, apple pieces in spiced sauce and mocha cappuccino.





 Icelandic food :

There are some good restaurants in Reykjavik and Akureyri, but in rural areas the food is mostly hamburgers or sandwiches. I ate 2 hamburgers and one sandwich and that's enough of them for couple of years now :). If you can find a lunch buffet during working days, grab it. For sure the best value for the money. The buffet has salad, bread/butter, main course with options, water(at least) and a coffee/tea as dessert.

A special note of Minniborgir restaurant, which was run by a Finnish lady and her boyfriend. I had a good pizza there in "chefs choise" style :). They had a restaurant, lodging cottages and a horse riding service.

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